Order uniform from the academy office or order online

Little Gems

School Jumper, Sweat Shirt or Cardigan

White Polo shirt

Black Trousers

Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3

School Jumper, Sweat Shirt or Cardigan

White Polo shirt, white shirt or blouse

(tie with shirt or blouse optional)

Black Trousers

Black Shoes

Year 4 to 6

Embroidered / braided charcoal grey jacketWhite Shirt

Academy Tie

Black or Grey Trousers

Black or Grey Skirt

Black or grey socks

Black Shoes

Trainers are not part of our uniform – pupils may keep a pair in school for running the Marton Mile at break times

Summer Uniform

Green and white gingham dress

Grey shorts and a white shirt or polo shirt

Black, white or grey socks

Black shoes

Pupils may wear watches and stud earrings, but these must be removed for PE.

PE Kit

The children are expected to wear a PE kit, which should be in school every day and MUST be taken home at the end of each half term.

White T shirt

Charcoal Grey School Hoodie

Black shorts

Black Tracksuit Trousers