On Thursday 1st December, Jade Windley and the Mintridge team arrived at Marton Primary School in Lincolnshire to deliver a fun filled day of tennis sessions and to inspire the future!

The day began with Reception to Year 6 filtering into the school hall, awaiting the messages that Jade had to share with them in her assembly. Mr Stephenson introduced Jade and before long, students were amazed by the long list of accolades to her name at such a young age. To name just a few:

  • 4 x Wimbledon Competitor
  • British Junior Number One
  • Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist


Jade stressed the importance of the skills that were required to get there, constantly referring back to the students and the lessons that they can take into their daily life; focus, discipline and having fun were a few of Jade’s tips for the Marton pupils echoed in an amusing YouTube clip of children engaging and succeeding a multitude of activities. Jade hoped to highlight that opportunities are endless for success if you give things a go!

Jade allowed time for questions at the end of her presentation with some fantastic ones from pupils, in particular the Year 6’s:

“What is your goal now that you are not playing?”

“Where is your favourite place to compete?”

“Who is your tennis inspiration?”

Jade shared her answers, but it was soon time to return to lessons. Only Reception remained in the hall as it was there chance to have a photo with Jade as a memory from the day.

Shortly after, Year 4’s were the first year group to brave the cold December weather for the first coaching session with the Wimbledon star.


Each group had a 45 minute session which allowed Jade to get some quality one on one time with each pupil. Dynamic warm ups started each session followed by some solo skills to improve hand eye co – ordination. Each skill was tailored to the year group and ability of the individual. It is safe to say that there is healthy competition between the Marton pupils as they each attempted to better the target that Jade set them!


Rackets were gradually introduced and the session moved towards ground strokes; Jade was looking for everyone to be able to have the correct grip before moving onto the technique. Some of the older years moved onto rallying before ending the practical part of the session with serves and a fun game.

Some medals were awarded in each group for endeavour and improvement which were highly sought after to say the least. Each student was presented Jade’s autograph and posed for a photo before returning to their lessons.

img_3574 img_3598

The pupils were highly motivated, well mannered and truly engaged in everything that Jade asked of them.


img_3637 img_3796 img_3947 img_4126 img_4221 img_5788 img_5852


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