Local History

Welcome to our Local History Page.

Here you will find a diary of our learning journey with the EFDSS. [ English Folk Dance and Song Society ]

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We are the only primary school in the East Midlands region lucky enough to have worked on this project.

The EFDSS worked with us as part of a national project called ‘The Full English’ ensuring that our local historical traditions and stories are kept alive and digitally archived for future generations.

We just didn’t realise how important Marton has been until now…

 During this project we :

Learned long sword dancing and other folk dances;

Wrote our own folk songs and performed traditional songs from our area;

Formed a community band made up of children, teachers and parents;

Composed soundscapes of our past;

Learned about the history of Marton;

Learned about the highwayman ‘Dick Turpin’ who once passed through our village;

Planned a celebration evening for our local community to share all that we had learned!

We asked the children what they would like this page to look like eventually… 

This is one possible design

In our first session we met Liam Robinson, a local folk artist passionate about making music, keeping traditions alive and reinventing them so that we become a link in the chain to our past.


Under the expert tutorship of Liam, Sarah and Charlotte [ the folk artists ] we formed a Community Band which meets each Monday after school.



We spent a session with our experts – Liam, Sarah and Charlotte thinking about what sounds we might have heard in old Marton.

Charlotte in Y5 conducts the class

Sapphire Class have reinvented the song ‘Turpin Hero’ writing new verses as a class collaboration.

Below their words is a video of the Turpin Hero session

As I rode through Marton one day

I saw a man and he did say

“You must come with me down to the river”

 He pulled his pistol “stand and deliver!”

Hey, ho, Turpin Hero

I am the valiant Turpin O

Down in the cellar of the Old Black Swan

Soon all the best beer was long gone

Down there Dickie planned his next robbery

He planned to rob the Church you see

Hey, ho, Turpin Hero

I am the valiant Turpin O

Now he’s at the Old Black Swan

The Receptionist she has long gone

As he is now with her in the cellar

He is now her brand new fella

Hey, ho, Turpin Hero

I am the valiant Turpin O

He rode on past the Ingleby Arms

And rode on through a couple of farms

And there a few chickens caught his eye

and I think that is why he died

Hey, ho, Turpin Hero

I am the valiant Turpin O

He rode down to the Black Swan door

and he found what he was looking for

A cellar in which he wrote his story

 Highwayman life of gore and glory  

The children have created their own folk dance [above]

A homemade bread dance [above]


Highlights from The Folk Night Rehearsal and Performances

EFDSS Full English Birmingham Showcase Conference Performance

Children lead out on to the stage at the Town hall

Performances of The Jolly Miller and Turpin Hero – both written in collaboration with

Folk Artists, Liam robinson, Sarah matthews and Charlotte Hubbard.