Trent Port

marton port 1926

Marton Port in 1926 – thank you to John Gibbs for the photograph

The Maltkins at Trent Port turned malt into beer and the mill turned wheat into flour.

Fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy produce could reach nearby market towns quickly and cheaply.

The were some three storey houses down at the port, originally built for the maltkin workers.

Marton riverside riverside house

There was a small pub next to the maltkin which was used by the Trent boatmen whilst at the port.

There were also a lot of small industries in the village around this time.

A quill pen factory down Trentport Road

A candle factory on the 3rd floor of the Black Swan

Two roperies, one at Gate Burton and one on the top floor of the long barn of the Black Swan

Three boot and shoe makers

Four tailors

Two wheelwrights

Two farriers

Basket making

The ‘osier beds’ along the Trent provided willows for new baskets. Uses included: fishing baskets and carrying farm produce to market.

river trentport

The photograph above shows the view of Trentport from the river. The houses were flooded regularly.

They had no mains electricity. The houses were demolished in the 1950s.

Thank you to John Gibbs for the photograph.