On this page you will find some fun learning links to other websites.


TTRockstars – make sure that you record a score at least 4 times a week to help with your times tables knowledge.  Visit the Site

Sum Maths: Times tables practice  Visit the Site

Maths Glossary – mathematical definitions Visit the Site


Dance Mat typing! Visit the Site

Story Maker – Can you write an amazing story? Visit the Site

Trapped – Can you help the princess get out of her tower by spelling the word correctly? Visit the Site

Spelling Match – match the words to the meaning  Visit the Site

Verbs in Space – can you spot which words are verbs? Visit the Site



Egyptians: Help Kha, the chief embalmer, to prepare Ramose, the Officer of the King, for his funeral.  Visit the Site

The Great Fire of London – learn all about the fire of 1666.  Visit the Site

The Vikings – learn all about the Vikings.  Visit the Site

Ancient Greece – Set the scene correctly in the Greek House.  Visit the Site

The Roman Empire – What was life like in Ancient Roman Times?  Visit the Site