Dear Parent / Carer,

School Uniform

I am writing to clarify our position on school uniform.

We have learned that many of you buying new uniform this summer may have purchased a sweatshirt or cardigan with the new logo. The uniform shop is selling off previous stock first, as it is not crucial and I would hate to see good clothing wasted.

We weren’t aware that previous stocks had run down so much in certain sizes and I’d planned to write to you about this transition of logo in September.

We expect there will be a long transition period between the existing logo and the new ‘Marton Man’ logo and therefore expect to see both designs in school for some considerable time to come.

The uniform shop is not yet stocking or printing the new logo for PE t shirts as again we do not wish to see clothing discarded unnecessarily. It is not a wholesale change just a logo update.


Here is a reminder of the uniform expectation for your information.

Pupils at Marton are expected to wear:

  • School sweatshirt or cardigan (either logo)
  • Plain green pullover or fleece
  • White shirt [tie optional]

A tie is encouraged for Year 5&6 pupils in readiness for secondary school and it also looks very smart.

  • White polo shirt
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Black or grey skirt
  • Black, white or grey socks
  • Black shoes

Summer Uniform:

  • Green and white gingham dress
  • Grey shorts and a white shirt or polo shirt
  • Black, white or grey socks
  • Black shoes

Pupils may wear watches and stud earrings, but must be removed for P.E.

PE Kit

The children are expected to wear a PE kit, which should be in school every day and MUST be taken home at the end of each half term.

  • Yellow T shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls or trainers

Children may wear a tracksuit for winter weather conditions.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stephenson

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