This afternoon, we were visited by Sam Oldham, a Team GB bronze medalist in Gymnastics at London 2012. The children have really loved the afternoon. ‘I’d love to try do the balances like the gymnast and try hard like he did!’ said Izzy. Violet also said that she ‘loved seeing the medal and Olympic torch in real life.’

Not only did the children complete lots of activities with Sam and their teachers, they also got to listen to all of his fantastic stories and achievements.

Sam showed the children his bronze medal and the Olympic torch and also demonstrated some of the flips and balances that won him his medal in 2012.

As you all know, we are having a big drive on aspiration and determination, in addition to our other school values. This visit, along with the visit from Ruth Amos, are just the start of inspirational visitors we aim to get into Marton in the coming months and into the future.

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