Teacher: Mrs Pick

Teaching Assisstant: Mrs Bartrum

In Year 1/2, the experiences that have been taught in the Foundation stage are nurtured and expanded through a range of topics. The children experience a more formal approach to teaching and begin their journey in Key Stage 1. At The Marton Academy, Phonics is key to opening up the whole curriculum. Therefore, we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach reading and phonics. Letters and Sounds provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics. In using this approach, our aim is to promote fluency in speaking, reading and writing. The children are exposed to different phases that consist of different phonemes that the children learn. The children are also exposed to a range of vocabulary such as digraphs, trigraphs, phonemes, and pseudos. The aim of phonics is to improve children’s ability to blend sounds together to read a word and segment sounds in order to spell a word. Although the children have a daily 30-40 minute phonics lesson, the subject is something that is stretched across the curriculum, but in particular reading and English.

In June, the children will complete the Phonics Screening Check. This focusses on recognising and blending sounds in order to read real and pseudo words.

Year 1/2 Yearly Overview of Learning 

Long Term Plan Year 1 & 2

Year 1/2 Wider Curriculum Topic Maps

Year 1/2 Cycle A: Year 1 – 2 Cycle A

Year 1&2, Cycle B:  Year 1 – 2 Cycle B