Teacher: Miss Caldwell

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ferris

In Year 3/4 we are learning about at a range of topics. In Autumn term, we will learn about a range of exciting topics: Rocks and Soils, Stone Age to Iron Age. In the second half of Autumn term, we will explore Settlements, Cave Art and moving on to Christmas Decorations in Design and Technology. After Christmas, in History and Geography, we will move on to learning about Ancient Egypt and the River Nile. In Science, we will learn about forces and plants. 

Throughout the year, stories and texts will be used as drivers to teach our Composition and Independent Writing lessons.

Year 3/4 Yearly Overview of Learning

Long Term Plan Y3/4

Year 3/4 Wider Curriculum Topic Maps

Year 3/4 Cycle A: Year 3 – 4 Cycle A

Year 3/4 Cycle B: Year 3 – 4 Cycle B